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Janaina Tupan

13/3 2023

  • 45 min

Beskrivning av tjänsten

(Träningen leds på engelska) Janaina is a Brazilian actress, mime, director and pedagogue based in France since 2010. She went through a multidisciplinary artistic training: initiated to classical dance from the age of 4, she moved on to contemporary dance by working with several Brazilian choreographers within the Cie Dançarte. She then trainined as an actress at the Indac Escola de Atores and played professionally and ensured leading roles in various productions. It is an invitation to play in a dance-theatre show, "Anonimus", directed by Tatiane Camargo, which opens the door to physical theatre. This virus brought her to London where she trained in corporeal mime under the direction of Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum (Théâtre de l'Ange Fou). She then took courses with Thomas Leabhart (Pomonna College, California), Odin Teatret (Norway), Cie à Fleur de Peu (France) and Claire Heggen (Théâtre du Mouvement, France). She founded the company PLATFORM 88 with Sébastien Loesener with whom she began a search for a specific language exploring and researching on body dramaturgy. As a pedaogue, she is currently a lecturer at Université Paul Valery in Montpellier, where she also directs , the festival Mime in Motion.

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