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För att inspireras och lära känna våra lärare i den dagliga träningen lägger vi här presenterationer av dem och deras konstnärskap.



I anknytning till den dagliga träningen på zoom med lärare och aktörer från olika mimbakgrunder verksamma i världen och Sverige idag har vi bjudit in till ett fördjupande möte. Vi har bett våra lärare/konstnärer att hålla en kortare presentation kring deras praktik och konstnärskap. Efter presentationen har vi öppnat upp för frågor och samtal . Vi hoppas att vi genom dessa möten kan stärka nätverket mellan professionella yrkesutövare inom fysisk teater. 

Kom gärna med förslag till oss på konstnärer som ni önskar lära känna närmare och träna för.

Guillaume Pigé.jpg

Guillaume Pigé (FR/GB)

Guillaume Pigé -Founder & Artistic Director of Theatre Re


Guillaume Pigé is a Theatre Director, Teacher and Producer. Originally from France, he has been living in the UK for the past 15 years. He established Theatre Re in 2011 and has directed each of the company's productions to date. He trained with theatre makers and directors such as Andrew Visnevski, Steven Wasson, Corinne Soum, Daniel Stein and Thomas Leabhart.


Rooted in Etienne Decroux's Corporeal Mime, his practice takes inspiration from science, philosophy, psychology and public health to address global human challenges through moving and visually striking poetic theatre.

TC portrait edit(1).jpg

Tania Coke (JP/GB)

Tania Coke is an actor, director and teacher specialising in Corporeal Mime.
Together with Kentaro Suyama she runs tarinainanika theatre company and the Corporeal Mime School of Performing Arts in Japan. Based at the Flying Carpet Factory in Osaka the company has presented its work at venues and festivals across Japan and internationally. They recently returned from a 6-city tour of the UK with their production Rey Camoy, which will be released as a film later this year. Their school offers full-time professional training, open classes and workshops and online training programmes. Tania trained with Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London and was a long-time member of their company, Theatre de l'Ange Fou.


Here are links for viewing 2 past productions from the company

Tokyo Fugue:

The Same Boat:

Corporeal Mime is an approach to theatre based on the expressive power of the body. It is an independent art with its own technique, repertoire, vocabulary and creative processes. First conceived by Etienne Decroux in 20th century France today it is kept alive by dedicated practitioners across the globe.  


Maks Litvinenko (Ukraina)

Mim artist, teacher, bboy and director of his solo performances. From 2005 to 2013, he was a member of the Break Dance Theater "Legion". In 2019, he graduated from the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts and received a master's degree in pantomime. 2018–2021, he was a co-author and participant of the Mime Theater ILINASTROE (@ilinastroe).
He currently works in the Kyiv National Circus as a mime actor.

Class description: The teaching methodology is based on the modern Ukrainian vision (analysis, interpretation) of the "Mime Corporal" technique by Etienne Decroux. Main theses: - working out the local block in space and local movement; - the use of techniques and methods of classical pantomime in theatrical or physical performances (working with an imaginary environment); - combination of external choreographic form with meanings and feelings; - associative expressive plasticity in the format of improvisation.

Links to some of my mime performances:
Duo: Illinastroe: Improvisation:


Virág Dezső (Nederländerna)

Artistic Leader MAPA, the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (est.1993-Amsterdam) and it's laboratory theatre, Studio MAPA Nederland (Haarlem). Docent Physical Acting and Musicality of Movement in the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Liszt Ferenc Music Academy (University of Debrecen / Hungary), Young Musicians' Summer Academy (H), Codarts (Rotterdam).

Since the early 90's she has been active as a performer, pedagogue, choreographer and company leader in Hungary, later in the Netherlands. Her intense work with musicians culminated in the research and development of her own pedagogical and choreographic approach Musicality of Movement (MoM) for performing artist with a special focus on musicianship.
She is frequently asked to share her experience internationally by giving workshops, recently online as well. Besides teaching and performing she creates music-theatre pieces for the youngest audience (YAM nominated 'Woei', 'Zwier') in collaboration with Frisse Oren and location inspired music-theatre pieces based on the MoM approach.
Her latest initiative for spreading valuable knowledge for performers, theatre makers, pedagogues is the online library and meeting platform: PhysicalTheatreTraining.

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